The birds everywhere

People say that the landscape is always in the heart of the position, flowing through the river of time, you can find that dream place. I get from distant, stepping on the fate is not measured lines, still can not get out of a mature age. Wait for the Yi City March rain, people such as not betrothed yet generally anxious lover and shy. When all the flowers in the night ready to tender willow riparian, the charming city have begun to diffuse, misty rain and flowers began to set foot in succession......

As the saying goes: the world April Fangfei, the peach blossom in full bloom before, it is through the law and open April fragrance, flower filled mountain, presumably, is very poetic! And Yi City, is not so too observant of conventional standards.. When a plume of smoke from a silent and cold morning rises suddenly, the March rain to provoke, at this time, the town became quiet and deep. No rain, heavy banana, no bamboo leaves, Xiao Xiao's cold. It is so dim and shy and silent, like the Southern Lane, holding the umbrella to the oil foot amidst the young general tenderness, delicate.

In the warmth of the streamer, I seem to forget the scale of the season, no, not forget, but never remember. I went to Yi city change unpredictably season, winter and spring gap to walk in, and when the rain cleared the mountains, wild peach smile, I suddenly wake up from the misty rain, oh, the original mountain hermit Earth Day in April.

Dankan mountain flowers, leisurely walk around, the warmth of the moment, a piece of rape flowers bloom, change all quiet hours. Walk in the field on a small ridge, childhood footprints, to capture the dancer in the rape bee butterfly. Lower the head, sprinkle in the rape scent chew, the rain leaves quietly left in the bag, in a silent night, take them out to decorate a window. In a quiet night in the rain, I took yesterday Yi city amidst the tenderness, April Fangfei spread out, let it walk in time, the night of wandering the city of parting! Yi March misty rain and fragrant, also miss someone, someone, etc.......  

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The right place to decide you no longer

"Young friends, today to meet. Dangqi small boat children, soft wind blowing gently, flowers fragrant, birds fly, spring really bright, singing and laughing around the clouds that fly over. Twenty years, we come Meet ". This is the last century, a famous song "young friends to meet", when singing this song, I was only twenties, my students only teens, who had thought, respectively, thirty Years later, by chance, thirty years later, we really meet again WSET awards.

Things from my students Wang Yihua talking about. Ching Ming Festival this year, I did not return home to the mother of the dead graves, so, in the brothers set up their mothers online memorial hall to the mother of flowers and fragrance, suddenly found the message of Yihua, he also left the phone number, I A look at the 2012 message, time has passed for more than three years, there are three years did not contact, I with the idea of ​​trying to send a message to Yihua: "Yihua: Hello! xxx. just to my mother online memorial, you see the message three years ago. Thank you, so many years I remember my 'teacher'. I now City Board of Education. Wudang Mountain to play and I contact. Thank you again did not forget me. "I was April 5 9:43 distributed information, a few minutes later, I received a call from the Yihua from Wenzhou, talked about their Spring Festival held a high school graduation 30 years Party, because I do not know my contact can not contact, Yihua even specifically to my father wanted to ask him to attend the party, because my father also gave them lessons, the results of my father was received by the younger brother of Wuhan New Year The
Direct Subsidy School.

Yihua said they 85 high school students also built a qq group: "find the old gone", invited me to join. In this way, in the group I saw many years ago the students are now for the father of the mother, the past boys and girls now have to middle-aged want to know fate. Some people say that the years are to kill the pig knife, knife knife urging the old. In fact, the years are also bowl of ecstasy soup, a bowl of a bowl of you filling the stupid, so you are unknowingly old. "Thirty famous dust and soil, eight thousand miles of clouds and months", "wine when the song, life geometry?", Young and vigorous, has been turned into three decades after the "cold look to the world". When we have things on the world have comprehend, the body has been mostly cut into the soil. "When I see the sunset, the twilight of the vast, when the young lofty sentimental pursuit of a very long-awaited pursuit of it?" I think there will be no, even if there is, but also the end of the crossbow. The right place to decide you no longer have the heyday of glory, only the sunset desolate master of economics hong kong.

Through Yihua matchmaking, through the network platform to communicate, I learned that a lot of students in the situation. In mid-September, Tan Weibing students sent me a note qq: that he is my student called what name, for many years gone, hope to have the opportunity to meet with the teacher. And told his phone. Later, Li Jigang students also expressed the same wishes. Prior to this, there are Pu Liangmin students also told me still remember my teacher. I am very happy. A rare 30 years the students remember me, and hope to meet with me. As the saying goes, with the ship transition, five hundred years repair. The vast world, the encounter is fate, but things like chess, life is like a dream, a do not three decades, still remember the appearance of the voice is not much, but the teacher and student friendship really do not leave. Dream do not know the body is a guest, a moment of three decades. Eleven long holiday I finally back to the river. Wang Yihua from Wenzhou back to the river. October 2 afternoon, he called me, said at night and Hu Yun potential, Li Yuan Song and others to visit me. So, in the hotel where I stayed, the students came. Thirty years ago, the Sentimental little boy, now have been graceful years. Each have their own career, the cause of each have become. After greeting, Yihua took a few photos. He also proposed to see my old father. In his father's house, Yihua took a few pictures, wrote down our three years after the reunion.

In fact, although the history is very long, our personal years are very short, three decades for the individual is very long, in the history of the river is only a brief moment. Teacher and family love home forever love my heart. Thank you, I am grateful to my students, I hope we in the next three decades, or even sixty years continue to meet again!  

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The more prosperous things

Life is a journey, some people think long, some people think that life is short; a novel, some people feel boring, some people think that life is wonderful; a meet, some people feel bad, some people feel lucky. Occasionally, when leisure, will release a lonely path of heart. At the end of the path of picking up a leaf, leaves broken, but clearly the lifeblood. Eyes like a curtain from the virtual scene, no signs from the green shoots, gradually faded yellow, withered in the cold rain, and the wind dance scene of parting, landing into eternity, one scene is the epitome of its life Air Purifier

Tea is the most bitter tea, but it has a lot of benefits, also known as a drug; the oolong tea is the most fragrant tea, fragrance, fragrance lasting elegance. But if you ask what kind of tea is best, people are different. This is to illustrate a truth, there are fixed number of things, no fixed number of things. I like to say moonlight as moon dew, because moonlight is just a concrete expression, but moon dew is more like a feeling, can rub into the human nerve. A few days ago, the Mid Autumn Festival coincided with rain, and then unable to watch the moon. In August sixteen that night, Serviced apartments the lunar disk in the air, it is bright, the moon dew shed in the field in the dark is rising bright, all exposed, sky color.

When you worry, you write some truth, because if the truth comes out of the pen, you must read it. I usually read Zen things so that I can make my heart shine. I thought the temple monks Zen, need to be close to the natural landscape, in order to get some inspiration and wisdom. As I write this, cloud Xinyu, wanted to explain, we can find unusual, and. The wise man is the gentle man who lowers his head; the wise man is the silent man who turns round; the wise man can see through what he says, and the parting is not far away. Don't ask the world, are many, just know, the Fed is relentless over wine education..  

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Moonlight with autumn fragrance

Willow shore path swing out a deep feeling of love songs, lyrics and melodies are full of warmth and to dim beauty. Thoughts began to travel from here, back away the night, whether it is graceful, dim, or neon glow shower, whether in a willow shore path swing out a deep feeling of love, is also accompanied by continuous soft southern style WSET School?

The moonlight of the willow bank to filled with the song, although the lyrics and melodies lingering, although the lyrics and melodies have unrecoginized heart, heart, or by repeated fibrillation. The moonlight of willow shore by twos and threes people in the walk, they figure like me, like a leaf duckweed floating in the town of Jiangnan, the neon lights floated in the cen River, they may want to miss in the path of planting willow bank in the moonlight, and hope to one day a year out of a flower bloom beautiful flowers myob accounting.

Stand in the seasonal watershed, listen to the sound of autumn broken, such as chrysanthemum sounds, such as the red maple leaves the heart, such as lotus raving, such as the spring of the loud splash. From autumn to winter on the bumpy road, everywhere kuyecanzhi, diffuse field is desolate. Although all the way to look back, it is still desolate autumn. I remember in the early autumn, the autumn garden too intoxicated with the harmonica, the song "autumn" the sound of overflow the heart home energy saving.

Today, in the autumn moonlight, my harmonica sound is still unabated, I very calm with the interpretation of "late echo", with a sentimental melody singing, the withered leaves. The harmonica sound came from the willow Bank of the path, drifting towards the cliff and then return to the cen Shan, produced a wonderful, wavy trembling sound and I think this should be the late reply

Under the moonlight, the long memory for some months, about the breed, moonlight story will be repeated in the moonlight memories, and let the autumn wind to the Milky Way month boat, and then put the memory in the story and write lyrics, "wrote a song a moonlight memory", then sing to the willow shore, pedestrians sing to willow bank again by twos and threes, then the "Moonlight" to the memory of a long way off, and then is again in the next autumn moonlight, someone repeat "Moonlight memories", created a special "late autumn. Echo".

Under the moonlight, I walked into the path of willow bank, heard a voice and leaves have withered leaves with Qi Yin, collision and other leaves in the fall, the gentle melancholy of "late echo", and sing a everlasting longing for you. Early winter, autumn is near, I don't know how to love and pity those withered leaves, those seemingly withered leaves in the fall after all dreams will be dismembered, in fact, in the late autumn in the echo of them is giving birth to a new life. The withered leaves in the autumn of last time issued a final nonsense, nonsense rhythm like singing their own eulogy, all this happened in the "late reply"......  

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Beautiful miss, just for the right meeting

Strange cities, strange surroundings, strange faces, new college life, everything is strange, and finally understand the true meaning of the term "fellow townsman" and the warmth it brings. I still in my two middle pull strings, you are responsible for fellow farmhouse, I invited you regardless of euphemism refuse, only for sleep lazy nap. But eventually you win, after your Ruanmoyingpao went. So, at last we met formally on a farmhouse with a familiar accent and a familiar diet! To tell you the truth, the first instinct to see you is, oh, the person who called me so long. Later, you were busy in the kitchen and I was singing wine school;

You're chatting with other villagers. I'm singing. You're eating dumplings. I'm still singing. You can't help talking! Our first positive dialogue was born! Your face is full of smile say: "sing and sing, there is nothing to eat!"! No, I won't eat it! I responded. So, with your sincere invitation, I happily joined the team of making dumplings and eating dumplings. Then you tell me: take you to go to repair when the light is good, many people secretly to take a picture of you. The farmhouse was drawing to a close, and the seniors sent us back a few days. After a simple greeting, we finished our first formal meeting. Then you tell me was very want to put the glorious mission to protect himself, did not have enough courage and good reason. The fate of the missed arrangements, is not no longer seen, but arranged for the two people at the right time, the right place to a suitable meeting energy saving plan.

At that time you can always hear the roommate shouting that love Laoke fellow phone again, get up, before class, between classes, before meals, after dinner, before going to bed will have your phone, mobile phone missed and received calls most is your number, then you tell me, every time the phone you are in hard to find a topic, and I just to say session. You always tell me all kinds of jokes, always make fun of me, always remember my little habits and hobbies, always care about my life. Two hearts slowly open, let each other live in, so there are a pair of happy little lovers in the campus. You live in Qin Lake, I live in Beiyuan, the South and the north, the school popular saying: love Qin Lake and garden are long-distance relationship, and you always take leave of long sent me personally soup, because you know that I miss the taste of home; I was sick, you always blame because you feel guilty, you did not take good care of me; you always forgive my little temper, capricious, because you said that girl is to care apartment hong kong.

You always wait for me after class to take me back to the dormitory; you always sacrifice your weekend time to accompany me to go to school, even though you don't love course; you always accompany me to eat what I want, though sometimes you don't like; you always accompany me all the way to accompany me for a walk or a night, although sometimes you very tired. Love is not a required course in the University, but fate arranged for us to take this course, so that we can add a brilliant picture to our college life album.

Many people say: time will make love fade away, become more casual, but in fact it is not. Love is like a cup of tea, slowly taste, can smell a fragrance, fragrance. We have been through the past few years, not fade, but rely on each other's deeper, deeper love. We understand each other, support each other, look after each other, and work together for the future we want. Fate, fate, fate, and fortunately, we have been on the road. No matter how the plot transform, the director always let the fate of lovers.

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You should thank me

A lot of people's memory, always don't behave well or very easy to forget his words; even hurt others, but also very easy to forget; however, they will remember the kind words you say, can always remember to praise others. I have some to figure out, this is the memory is not good, or will he selectively amnesia? Or is it intentional serviced apartments in hong kong?

Most of the time, many people will readily blurt out words, very casually said, no matter whether it is hurt others. I have met many such people, and such people have a common point, is that they are facing leadership or they can use to get people, will be very careful to speak, but is very emotional, and it will appear; however, once is subordinate to their own, or not one of them, it is easy to hurt others to speak out and completely ignore the feelings of others. With people saying, is under Caidie man, in their view, these people are not used to them, also can not be used, but these people are not as good as they, worse than they too far. From this point of view, we can see what kind of people these people are and what kind of practice. Said is a villain, this is tolerant, saying that they are a group of hooligans without quality, is more appropriate and objective, because this is their true portrayal hong kong corporate formation.

A friend once, because it is not gregarious, so many people have hurt on the speech, especially when some of the people some official appointment. Of course, he is unlikely to be hurt by officials of high rank, because he can't get in touch with them. Later, because of his ability, he made a fortune and opened the company. This time, that is, many people who hurt him, close to the past. He is a very good, with these people gave him back. But those who have hurt him still have the cheek to approach him. When he questioned, there was an innocent face, and said to him, "I have never said such a thing; if I said, I would remember.". And some other people, it is said, I forgot, the most special is that some people face very confidently said, is to promote the development of the original look at you, you have the ability to get rich, but you do not know, so I will inspire you 旺角通渠.

At this time, the friend really by these popularity can not speak. Because of his hard work, it is these people who hurt him credit, it is There is no such a rule. However, there is no way to be overwhelmed by the brazen faces of these people. And he finally began to wonder whether these people did it to his advantage, uncomfortable, and really do credit to him, is it really good for him?. In fact, he knew that the ability is continue to pay lip service, are also some aggravating questions people.

His attitude to these people has never been better. But these people are still around him, and there is still no change. These people Kung Fu is away, or put some people said not remember the lessons still not worth a hair. Some friends laugh and cry. Once complained, said to me, this is the Chinese people shameless? Do you even forget what you said? Is a shame not to have? I don't know what to say.

In fact, these people, not so exaggeration, also don't put out the "Cultural Revolution" attitude towards everything all what happened. Most of the time, they just want to play, is likely to hurt someone. But if they really want to see what they can do, they probably don't have any skills. And that's good, too. If someone haver that, there are others when questioned are never admit, from this point, the lip is good. And those who tell lies, they can't remember what they said Remember. But they had never changed, because of their moral deviation, with a real words, because they are wicked. It's a little far away, but at least you should have a sense of shame and remember what you said. Even if you can't remember, you should think twice before you act.  

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If there is no fate in this life

Between heaven and earth, in all things, meet you. On mountains and rivers, high mountains and lofty hills, mountains, and you know. By the ten spring and summer insects, an invigorating autumn climate, winter three points, and you know. This meets, knows, knows each other, accompanies with you, altogether goes to the world of mortals. Every rain, travel alone to the streets, an umbrella walks, recalling the past years. Remember, to ask the world, more than that, I do not know. Why lose news, such as the wind puffs the clouds, then far apart. If there is no fate, scattered in the sunset, in the streets, alleys, and after waking up, how to meet again fuel mix?.

Push into the door, it is open, leaves falling, no one cares. For the rest of the paper, put it, lying on bamboo, see wild goose hover, yunjuanyunshu. The tiny, like dragonfly, pan slightly ripples, then return to calm. If the memory is in, seems to be the scene of the present, in the breeze and drizzle, talk to you myob training course.

Sleepless, rose again, erratic, what is missing. Grab some tea in the teapot, and warm water for a moment, time. The fragrance, beautiful nose, how happy can not afford. The pen is made, 32 words, their affection, also without you suddenly forget. The reality, love Zile, sansei stone, like reincarnation. But for the world to wipe shoulders, into a passer-by. Love is very bitter, did not dare to try, such as the tea, yikusitian. For all change between the phase dispersion, in illness after leave, for poetry articles together again.


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The glitz fell

Perched in only one shy mark, dodging the corners of the confused, so quiet, you red cheeks, I stick to the crystallization of glass. Dawn wake up eyes, the heart is still cruising in the dream, perhaps everything is wrong, want to be a mistake in the end. Once off the heart lock, again not to see fireworks easy cold thin brilliant purples and reds, this world how much affection! If there is long, it is a shallow Duzhou in twilight years later Serviced apartment hk......

There will be overcome by feeling of sorrow "feeling, it is not moved by sight, just moment tears, a tune pulled heart broken. If you can only do a grass, not afraid of time inclined negative, not a little love. Ah, if experienced deep-seated pain, it will become very headstrong, will indulge their cold, through the isolation of the world. Perhaps, really tired, need a blazing fire extinguished the lights lit, of light moths. If there is an afterlife, only the birds fly, cloud shallow sleep, snow alone alone. Even the flowers as red as fire, I will not miss business start up hong kong.

"All the scenery all through, accompany you to see". I often hear such a saying, but I don't have any taste here. You are the best age to see the scenery, old to accompany me to see the long, ha ha! Time is an arrow, it will make every river cut and dried, the late day late, did not have the interest. You want to, after a few years just a joke, don't take things so in the heart, I want it to be mo, clenched, fleeting wind, not negative life time. Such as the moon heart cold, thumb / sweet. The Changting late years in war. There are a few people understand, why not sigh wine course hk......

People say fleeting time, just like wiping the shoulder of the wind, no matter how you wave, can not keep, just want to see more, the scenery sometimes in the heart more long. And if you do not involve the other time, I like skirts, go, a shallow review, fall on your back, it is sad, is love, is unable to let go of the enduring as the universe know. Tonight there is dream, dream of you, but can not see the face, but for a long time in his arms and kissed his forehead, wake up to feel pain, warm residue.

Good romance. On a calm day, the mind is suspended. With a dream in the empty sink don't wake up. Encounter is the reincarnation of the reunion, the review is no longer clear gel, missing, Huaping wind shadow. Listen to my heart Speechless, drunk jiuxiao empty. Night rush, is the dream of light ferry, even if disillusioned, still indulge in it. Yeliangrushui, heart as a mirror, everything is soft, the moon is a kind of search, indulge in a voiceless, carefree dream. Weak flower bone, evil desires are down, to find a flower in the depths of red dust, by running water. Quiet days, let the dream sleep. Blank a piece of thoughts, those helpless and sad, seems to have been through the sea, buried alive by time. The cool season, the palm of the sun was only three inches long, to forgive my stubborn? Tearful hot off the face, quiet meditation, if the desire is to hold you in my arms have forgotten by years of exile......  

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You also had a brief hesitation

The warm morning break the darkness of the south, you to the far north quietly back, in the misty rain in the mist, in white, you stand in the long lost land, a shrill long call, awakened the sleeping mountains. So, you return to Hong Kong serviced apartments.

In the long way, your delicate figure as a boat, stay ahead of the marks in the vast sea. You take over the Dongfeng heavy Guan Shan, the mountain cliff agitation wings dancing leaves. Would you rather have a long day floating million, also refused to stop for a moment of the roots of the footprint wine tasting hong kong.

Yunshan far off the river, cold, adrift in a foreign land day, sad you know and care? Lonely you can distinguish the homeward journey? Yes, in those busy looking, helpless days, you must be sad despair, occasionally see the shielding sun cloud line you may think it is used to route. The mountains were full of concern, and in the helpless sigh, the laughter in those tribes had become a distant memory Wine School Hong Kong.

In this way, you have become a loner, not because of the abandonment of others or the injury, but because of your inner choice. Since you have not hesitate to leave, why return again? It is because in the north the cold in the sky, you hear a voice calling companions; it is because in the cloudless sky, you still can't find the hometown coordinates.

So, even if the dust all the way, is a process of loneliness, even if you still in the wind and rain misty rain, on our way home. Not all return is a wonderful experience that is expected, and your journey is bound to be accompanied by hardship and hardship. Fear, hesitation, greed and murder are likely to let you face the threat of death; the nostalgia and the taste of green lake mountain shadow obsession, will let you wind down at any time, take the land is home, lost direction.

The journey, from time to time to have a voice in your ear response: stop, in a strange place, build a warm nest, began a new life, why should persistently fly away? For this, you have had too confused, you also had a brief hesitation. No, this is not you want to belong, you don't want to own life curled up in the sunset night, you want to return, you want to return to the dream place to start.

This way, you brave the wind and dew daytime, without fear of mountain road far away, covered all over with cuts and bruises. Today, you finally came back, but this time, the northern sky is snow  

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Plain, real interpretation, fresh and moving

I love to stand by the window at night and see the silver moonlight pouring down the mountains and the buildings near me. Perhaps people at a certain age, will like static. Static, has been giving me a quiet to the extreme, Jane to the extreme, elegant to the extreme, and the charm to the extreme feeling. Still, let a person mind calm, fine flavor. Only a clean heart, to deserve in a calm mood; only firm and indomitable perseverance, in order to calm the wind pressure WSET level 4.

In Youth passes as a fleeting wave. quietly, I just love this feeling, but it is not profane it, let it slowly into the soul, into a quiet character. The quiet man releases light and heat in a calm gesture. The instrument is calm and the body is free. Quiet, is the calm after the bustling, is not anxious in the world fireworks restless peace. Men who like peace, they walk in a world of mortals with a meditation. Not impetuous, don't complain, a meditation on the clear moon, treat everyone, on or under Danyue reading in the text book, happy smile.

There is a love, calm quiet, gentle like a tiny stream, clear and transparent, quietly along the narrow river, in the river of life flowing quietly, no splash tempestuous waves, No. The heart is gentle with the green grass of the stream and the little flowers. A man may not be powerful, but he cannot be wise. Only wisdom can research fine Jinglv, and can make the permanent charm calm calm. When the man is in the life of the relentless wind and rain hit, to stop the rainbow after the storm, not to bring you the manic storm damage, in the beautiful rainbow, firmly into the thought of courage hong kong wine academy, mood of happiness, peace of mind, make tough and strong life.

Calm, is a connotation of profound connotation, deep love is meaningful. It is a kind of earnest and tangible love. It is a kind of love that goes hand in hand with each other at the same time. This love is pouring fingers Seiitsu soothing sound, wash away impetuous soul, stretch out of the chaos of the mood, quiet and peaceful life.

Words, comfort for reading time, let us slow down the pace of footsteps, calm down to read books, reading will add a lot of fun to life, in the faint book of edification, the years will be more open-minded and elegant. Books, so that our hearts calm down, calm down, in order to truly put the sun and rain, so that life is full of charm, like flowers bloom.

Calm man, never will lose themselves, even if confused will not divulge recklessly sadness, will only listen to the birds, insects and the sound, quietly writing, flying all the sadness. The connotation of man, the passions are not easily in the face, abdomen poetry and gas from China, a personal accomplishment is not a day for two days to exercise, but after years of washing, increase the experience through absorbing knowledge, slowly formed in imperceptibly. In the hustle and bustle of the earthly fireworks, let me take a quiet time, the day light writing, remember life touched by the warmth of love to meet and sit back and watch.  

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